Are you a gray person by any chance?

Are you a gray person by any chance?

I think that there is a bad image when I hear gray, too?

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Well, I think that there is a bad image when I hear gray, too?

Do you happen to be a gray person?

If you say something like that, you'll feel bad about it.

"Come with me!" You might think.

I think gray is also a nice color.

And I really think that gray feeling is the most common.

Now you're

Happy? Misfortune?

Rich? Poor?

A good man? A bad person?

I think that there is a thing that can be said clearly here to such a question,

I can't say either way as much as I think deeply.

You're not in the gray zone after all, are you?

People want to wear black and white.

Gray was also said to be wonderful,

It's not really just two black and white

There is a complex gladiation there,

I think gray is part of it.

As there was my color now that I feel somehow,

It doesn't end as it is.

Red, blue, yellow.

Even if you don't put yourself in too simple,

There should be a color that fits me at that time.

What you think from now on.

What you will experience from now on.

The person you're going to meet.

The color that mixes and makes up in this way is

Like red plums, light flowers, and Japanese colors,

I think it's better to be more delicate, beautiful and free.

I learned that there are a lot of choices

If you feel that you can change to any color,

I might not be able to change my color easily now that I feel somehow

PS: When I was a child, I used only Yamabuki-colored paints.

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Are you a gray person by any chance?