I'm sorry I'm late for the update.

I'm sorry I'm late for the update.

No, no, no, no.

It's an excuse, but let's go!

I originally had something I want to do by the end of March,

It's already mid-April.

I'm going to be very late.

Still, from what I want to do properly,

It gives priority to that by all means, and it is Kuta every day.

The blog visit of the person who did the Iine to my blog and has stopped in the middle, too.

Even so, the number of Iines continues to increase.

I'm really singing.


I'll be able to visit you properly,

I'll clear it as soon as possible, so wait a minute, right?

I can't stand it for a while today.

I allowed myself only for one hour and renewed it!

Thank you for your support all the time!