Did you tell anyone about it?

Did you tell anyone about it?

I think you've been in a position to listen to other people's story, don't you?

Thank you for always reading.

That's it!

It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(Wouldn't it be good if I licked my ears a little?) Figures of)

Well, I think you've been in a position to listen to people, don't you?

If there is a person of the type that is often consulted,

I think some people are in a position to listen as a job,

I think everyone has been in a position to listen.

This blog contains

If anything,

Or the type to be consulted,

Or a solid type,

Because there are a lot of counselors, I think especially,

Isn't that the kind of person you're holding on to yourself? I think.

It's the importance of listening to people's story,

I know how hard it is and what it's worth.

To the person who holds the secret,

To speak without concealing it is

It's like having your own luggage with you.

The deeper or heavier the load, the heavier the load.

Don't you just have a role to play?

It's a talent to have luggage.

Maybe I can do it myself, but

Originally, everyone had luggage,

It feels heavy, a big time, and a time when it is not so go round and round.

The more people who pursue the role they have, the more

Don't bother me.

I don't know if I'm going to be shy or not.

I thought it was something I shouldn't do,

It is likely to hold it 1 self so that it can solve oneself.

It is one skill to train muscle so that self-solving can be done,

Can you take it for a little? It is also an important skill to ask.

It's a good thing to have.

That's the connection between people,

It's very important.

I'm doing my best to hold it and do something about it!

Did you talk to anyone?

There are many things you can solve yourself just by talking.

It causes heavy luggage and trouble.

I'm the only one who thinks so,

There are times when I feel joy in being able to take it with me.

You can only have your luggage with people you can trust.

You don't trust them to hold on to them.

You don't have anyone you can trust.

A little courage to trust,

I think that there are times when it is more n
ecessary to find
someone you can trust.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for connecting!

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Did you tell anyone about it?

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