To adults who continue to work hard.

To adults who continue to work hard.

Thank you for always reading.

That's it!

It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(I'm resting, aren't I?) You're not working hard, are you? Figures of)

Well, I think there are some people who keep working hard and can't rest, right?

I'm the type who has to work hard all the time,

I feel like it's a bad thing not to work hard somewhere,

There was a time when I was running all the time.

Remember to rest and cut corners one by one,

It's not that I'm working hard,

I noticed that I did it simply because I was in a hurry.

Was there a break in your hard work?

Because I've been working hard until I can't do anything after all,

I'm going to understand painfully the feelings of people who keep trying,

I want you to be conscious of the break neatly as such a person.

Rather than a break, such as when the result comes out,

Separators over a period of time.

Even if the result comes out, it is the end.

Even if there is no result, it ends.

It is said that it separates once.

2018 is over and 2019 is coming.

Looking back on the year, you can look at it calmly,

If it is usual, the thing which hesitates is thrown away to the plunge,

You can change the pattern as before,

You can take the plunge and make a big change,

You can see new prospects and improvements,

I can be conscious of big decisions and triggers.

Because it is all separated like one year this year.

Even if it's a little time

Leave the good and the bad,

With the past and the future

Put down the head guru, too.

I just want you to feel the current.

What kind of breath are you breathing?

What are you looking at?

What kind of sound are you listening to?

What does it smell like?

What does it feel like?

It is the one that comes into view only because it separates it.

It might be a reward that really worked hard.

You can get the reward properly.

It is different to become lost when I separate it.

PS1: I was absent from the update for a while.

I'm singing for those who came.

I wrote a little in the main house,

I might change the system of the blog.

PS2: I think that the renewal becomes irregular because it is entangled in the year-end and New Year holidays.

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Thank you for 2019!

Thank you for reading!

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To adults who continue to work hard.