I haven't updated Ameblo.

I haven't updated Ameblo.

This blog and Ameblo, which has been updated as a 20:00 update every day for the past year or so,
I haven't updated it for two weeks.
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I think that the reason is somehow.

Writing itself is written,

It's not that I don't have any material,

It's not hard or troublesome.

However, is the position of the blog influenced while I change? It's like that.

As for myself, I want to tell them properly,

It's not that I'm good at writing,

I think that it is good if it becomes easy to notice suddenly that it wants to convey feelings because it is good because it is bad.

Therefore, even if it is written, it does not go to the update.

I think I'm changing a lot now.

Starting with the person you're going out with,

And the way of thinking,

Life style,

And the voluntary part, like a work effort,

The timing of what happens exactly overlaps,

Oh, I have a feeling that it's going to change more incrediblely.

Of course it's a good thing,

I feel different from what I've felt so much,

But I feel like it's very important.

That's why not only yourself,

And the people who connected,

I feel that I want to tell the people I'm going to connect with.

Because others change at once, it might not be convinced by oneself that it becomes a form like compatibility.

If you think about it with your head,

It is a difficult sense to express it by language,

How do we get Ameblo involved in the new system? What a vague idea!

Maybe I'll be able to create a new position and style within myself,

I'm not going to be impatient and sgitching myself.

Maybe I'll change in 2019.

What you have to do before you do that.

Don't forget.

That's what I have to tell you.

There are a lot of such things, and I think that it is important.

I can't leave anyone anyone.

What do you do to be yourself like that?

These days I feel like the answer is getting harder and harder.