I can't move. Where the hell do you want me to start?

I can't move. Where the hell do you want me to start?

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That's it!

It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(I did this state looking for leather Jean yesterday.

Well, I can't move! Where the hell do you want me to start?

I think there are times when you feel that way, don't you?

When something you want to do or think you should do comes all at once,

When the problem piles up and you can't get your hands on it,

When you're confused because you're over your capa,

I think that I feel it when good and bad come.

I'll do it from the simplest thing!

People who do it properly,

People who value efficiency,

Perfectionist people tend to do the most.

They think about their turn

I think that there is it when it is possible to move suddenly, but

If you think too much, you may not be able to move on the contrary,

There is a lot of wasted time.

Sometimes you think too much about the right order and get tired or lost your motivation.

When it actually starts to move, a motivated substance comes out from the deep part of the brain.

Even if you don't think too much about it, if such a substance comes out, you can move naturally and efficiently.

If you clear a simple thing, your concentration will also increase.

It is possible to demonstrate the ability far more than thinking about the order by imagination.

Even if it feels like a burden when asked to do a big cleaning,

When I was turning around the closet to put out a piece of clothes,

I think I've had the experience of being to clean the house before I know it.

The result is the same cleaning, but there is no step to think about the order,

I don't care if it has nothing to do with it.

By the way, I organize the files on the desktop of my PC.

The only thing that comes at once is the ability to deal with you.

From the easiest thing to the place where it can be done is enough.

It's better than thinking and not being able to move at all.

Not everyone can do what you can easily.

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I can't move. Where the hell do you want me to start?