If you find someone who's in tune…

If you find someone who's in tune…

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(I'll try to say that I can do this much.)

Well, I think some people think you're in good shape, don't you?

"Hey, he's in tune! 」

"I'm in tune. 」

"If you're in good shape, you'll get hurt sooner or later. 」

In general, I think that there are a lot of opinions that get mumfus in such a way.

It's in rhythm that you're in tune.

There is momentum according to the rhythm, too, and it does well in the person in question.

Then, it is a bite to get moka.

I'm doing things that I can't do,

The psychology of envy is hidden somewhere, too.

It is just my standard to think that it is still such a level,

Originally, it has nothing to do with what the person does.

The only thing that's so disgusting is that I'm comparing myself to not be able to do it.

Because there are a lot of people who have such a bite overwhelmingly,

You know, that's what people around me say. Or look for a reason, such as,

If you're not the only one who thinks you're the only one, you're going to try to get your friends together.

It is proof of good condition.

I don't know if something's going well.

There's no momentum,

I don't have the courage.

I can't think of it as a good idea.

If you can't take action,

You're just thinking about other people.

And few people or there is nothing to stop such myself,

I think that it is a good feeling in timing,

People who have a lot of things going well,

They do what they generally say

What you should be influenced by is

I didn't try to line up the excuses that were so good without being in the rhythm,

Is it a person of the level which manages to keep my position by criticizing others?

Or even if there is something a little clear in your own way,

Is it a person of the level that actually does well and is on the rhythm?

Which one is more merit?

If you find someone who's in tune,

Not if you're criticizing at a lower level along with the people around you.

If you absorb more and more and try to get in tune in your own way,

I don't think I'll be able to live more and more like myself

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If you find someone who's in tune…