Why on earth won't you admit it?

Why on earth won't you admit it?

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Now, why on earth won't you admit it?

I think there are times when you feel that way, don't you?

Even if you do your best at work, you have to admit your hard work.

I've been doing this for you, but you're not going to admit it.

If you don't admit it when you think you're amazing,

When you don't understand if you don't admit it.

Originally, it is not another person's standard,

I think it's better to think about how you're going to admit yourself, but

There is also a desire for approval of human beings,

In some cases, I think there are times when I want others to recognize me.

It's one way to say the exact opposite.

It's lurking when you want others to recognize you.

I'm amazing, aren't I?

I think there are a lot of men in particular,

Somewhere in the world, "It's amazing!" The aura that I want to say that I am terrible opens completely.

Because there is not a word, there are a lot of things that I think that it does not admit,

On the other hand, I prepare a basis for this and explain it more and more.

You've just been doing this,

If you can do this much,

Because I'm up alone in this thing,

"It's amazing!" Say it! I guess it's like that.

At that time,

To say so, I prepared this and that story,

It's amazing, isn't it?

People are unexpectedly a no-brainer.

I think that there is also experience and thinking in the opposite position,

When pressed with that momentum,

Even though I thought it might be amazing,

The one that the useless out is done.


No, no, I still have a long way to go.

I can't do much.

Anyone can do this much.

As soon as you say something like that,

It is good in acting, and it thinks, and it touches it.

That's all there is to it.

"It's amazing!" You can get words like that.

I think that there are a lot of people who usually have a low sense of self-affirmation in this blog,

I think that it is better not to be influenced by other people's evaluation originally,

I'm told that I want you to take it obediently thank you when it is said that it is great,

When it's in the case, it's like, "It's amazing! I can't get a compliment like that,

Are there many people who are worried about this and that? I thought and wrote it.

A well-ed fox hides its claws.

The greater a man is, the more he hides his abilities.

Rather than nailing out and missing the enemy,

Because I hide it, I imagine the turn without permission,

There are many times when the evaluation is larger than it should have been.

If you don't admit it,

That's great! When the desire to say is large.

Because I notice myself who has become a nail round out,

I think there are times when you get what you want to get.

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Why on earth won't you admit it?