Sorry? There is a circle in such a thing.

Sorry? There is a circle in such a thing.

Thank you for always reading.

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It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(It is a fan letter of today's minute.

Well, I think there are times when I think I have this much, don't I?

I'm trying so hard.

Even though it's so painful…

I want to tell you so much.

I think there are a lot of things like that.

Sorry? There are times when there is a time difference.

If it doesn't come true soon,

It's frustrating,

It makes me sad,

I feel uneasy,

Or haze,

Give up,

I'm going back and forth.

Well, I think there are a lot of things.

Even Amazon doesn't arrive right away.

It's up to each person to know how soon they think,

It's not limited to Amazon,

There is a time difference even if you don't like it until you order it online and receive it, right?

When I think of it like this, it's like I'm thysled until it arrives.

I'll do what I can to get to you as soon as possible.

Keep open space where you can put it.

They do something completely different

I'm excited and wait.

Anything is fine, and all are correct.

Whatever you do, it's going to be your weapon.

It is a common thing when I think that it is such a thing.

Did you order it properly??

When I think that it is such a thing, the unexpected result is often vague.

It's not about why you can't achieve it when you're working so hard.

Why can't I be happy? Like vaguely.

It is the same as I think that I might want something like this somehow when I order it.

I can't help but place such an order, and I can't deliver it.

How many model numbers are there in this size of this color?

Because it makes it so clear,

It arrives properly and it is a thing that I usually take for granted.

To be in such a state,

When there is a time difference that can not be helped or not enough information.

If you think it's because you've already ordered it and it's going to arrive anyway,

What you can do now will change, too, will it?

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Sorry? There is a circle in such a thing.