It changes with the connection. And..

It changes with the connection. And..

Thank you for always reading.

That’s it!

It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(Do it for a year!) I’m going to be old. Figures of)

Well, there are few left this year,

You think you’re going to think about this and that, don’t you?

Recently in Ameblo,

There is an article you wrote today a year ago. and come out.

Personally, I’m too bad to even click because I’m too embarrassed to click,

I remember most of what I wrote.

I don’t know.

If it becomes a hint to the person who is hard to narrow the field of view,

If you’d be a little relieved,

Only a part of the blog of the home originally in a vague thing,

Do you want to try posting to Ameblo one day? I started with the thought.

When I’m just writing, I feel calm,

I was thinking that I might like it,

It also serves as one’s own output,

What I’m doing without thinking deeply.

Because I do things of affiliate and web system originally,

Originally, keyword strategies,

Monetize and so on.

I was mainly writing while thinking about attracting customers and SEO,

With regard to the home and Ameblo, they are eliminated at all,

I came without overdoing it as I wanted to write.

It’s been a year and a few months before I know it.

The number of people who like me every day increases before I know it,

Before you know it, the number of readers will increase,

Before you know it, you’ll get some very good comments and messages,

Before I know it, I was connected to all the good people.

I’ve written it a few times before.

The blog of the person who gave me a good

It doesn’t mean that it’s a good return,

There is a meaning to be allowed to study,

I read it almost every day.

And I think.

Everyone’s changed!

Some people have been going on for more than a year,

Some people who don’t,

I want you to read the article when you started.

Even if you don’t like it, it’s different.

Grow up even if you don’t like it,

Even if I don’t like it, I’m opening a new door.

And, it works hard in my own way now.

Like my face in the mirror I see every day

It may be hard to notice, but

Even if you don’t want to change or grow by force,

It changes enough by the day-to-day event and a little notice.

At first, it was a thin thin connection of the net,

I feel that the connection is getting thicker little by little.

Who do you connect with?

How will it change?

You can decide for yourself.

Thank you very much for choosing this blog as part of it.

I think that there are various people, but I want to be connected in the future,

I hope we can still make new connections.

Before you know it, it’s the hardest to understand,

I think they’ll get the biggest change before they know it.

You who are so hard that you can’t see the surroundings,

Sometimes I think it’s time to look at them.

PS: Thank you very much from now on! (^o^)/

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for connecting!

Nice! Thank you for tweeting.
It’s encouraging.
If it is good like this, please feel free to link, re-blog!

If you like, please try to visit the blog of the person who gave us a like and a comment!

There are good things for you too! (^o^)/

It changes with the connection. And thank you.