You've worked hard! That's good, that's great, I'm so happy!

You've worked hard! That's good, that's great, I'm so happy!

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Well, you've worked hard!

I think most people are happy when they say that, don't they?

There may be fewer opportunities to be told directly when you grow up,

I would be happy if they told me that I was.

Why are you so happy?

There might be a part of it that was admitted,

You might feel like you're making an effort,

It might be said that it is glad only to be evaluated.

That's it, but

There are some things I want to be a little careful about.

Is it not possible to come up with a diagram such as "It is good to work hard"?

If you are too concerned with the diagram,

There is a thing that follows without a lot.

The other end of it.

The other end of "it's good to work hard" is

It's bad that I didn't do my best or I couldn't do my best.

I think it's necessary to distinguish between good and bad things.

The problem is that it is easily divided too much and it is too concerned with it.

It was a bronze medal.

A gold medal is a good thing.

Before you know it,

Even a bronze medal is classified as a bad thing.

Even if an amateur aims at the bronze medal with all his might, it is not possible to take it.

It's really that great, but

There is a trend like what a bronze medal is.

I might have put the superiority or inferiority in the thing of the part that competed,

The other end was born from the close-up of extremely good things,

It's a little distorted.

Good things are necessary, but

The more seriously you are aware of it, the greater the polarization.

If the part of "it is good to work hard" is small or not, what about the other end?

There are a lot of people who suffer from the part of the other pole which is hard to see,

There are a lot of people who are confused because the appearance of the other pole itself is distorted.

Believing that it's good is not always good,

It changes even in me.

Not only good and bad,

It is also necessary to look at events indifferently.

Among the things I thought were bad,

I think that there is an unexpected light.

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You've worked hard! That's good, that's great, I'm so happy!