A bad person has it secretly?

A bad person has it secretly?

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Well, I'm a bad person!

I think some people think that way, don't they?

Even if it is a person who does not think such a thing,

I just don't realize it,

I think that it is a bad person depending on the timing,

I'm trying my best not to be a bad person,

I overdo it because I feel like I'm a bad person.

What such a bad person has secretly.


In order to learn something,

It's been around for a long time.

There's a reason I've been pushing it down.

I think that it is good to follow the rule after I am convinced.

What bad people are obsessed with is

There must be ten eggs in the refrigerator.

The skirt is within a centimeter below the knee,

In-house romance is absolutely prohibited,

Is that really necessary? Such a rule.

If you include what you're doing unconsciously,

There are a lot of rules,

I do it properly.

On the other hand, when I saw myself not able to do it,

I feel like I'm a bad person because I can't do it.

The more useless a person is, the less rules he has.

The rules in me that have been decided before I know it.

At that time, it is most efficient to do so.

I might have done it in order to live smoothly,

There are times when it is easier because it is not necessary to think about the rule.

That's why, including whether it's really necessary for me now,

I think that there is also a thing to reduce or review.

There is no guarantee that I will be alive tomorrow.

Even if there is no guarantee, I imagine the future without permission.

It's really amazing just living and existing now.

What rules do I need?

Just what's convenient for me now is enough.

What I feel like a bad person is

He's a great person who can handle it properly.

If you cut corners overwhelmingly and let go of the rules more and more,

I think you'll see something amazing inside of you.

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A bad person has it secretly?