Because that's not the case, so I can't say.

Because that's not the case, so I can't say.

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(Illustration of the story of the inseld is absolutely spread)

Well, I can't say because it's not.

I think there are times like that, don't you think?

You should say you have money when you don't have money.

You should say that you're loved even though you don't think you're loved.

You should say you're happy when you don't feel happy.

If you use the power of the word and spirit, the situation will change, right? I think that there are a lot of talk like.

Just replace it with as many positive words as possible,

I think it's true that things change and become easier.

It's not about seeing what's not there,

It's important to look at something.

I think there are times when people say, "I don't care if I say that."

For eries who have a habit of seeing things that just don't have,

I think there are times when it feels difficult.

"I'm going to make it."

Because it is good in the span such as only today or now,

No matter what the status quo is,

Instead of looking for evidence that says, "I don't have it,"

there's "to make"

I don't think I can do this.

When it is only a habit to see the thing which does not have,

Consciousness also went there,

It attracts such a reality by all means.

And if you're going to fall into a vicious circle,

Even if it is a story of the assumption that there is "to make it",

I think that it is also possible to put effort into the person who attracts a certain reality.

"I'm going to make it."

It's just that I can see what's there.

When you see something, you can thank it.

If you can thank me, you'll open up a different world and turn around.

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Because that's not the case, so I can't say.