I can't move forward with an important story.

I can't move forward with an important story.

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Now, the important story doesn't move forward.

I think there are times like that, don't you think?

I'm talking about work,

We're talking about relationships,

I'm talking about my troubles,

It's different what people think is important, but

It's not just about talking,

If you don't think about it or things don't go on,

When you can't find a solution.

It is one hand to talk without love.

Now is a very important time

That's far from it! You might think,

The more important it is, the narrower the field of view.

It would be fine if we were going on with it, but

I think that it is possible to change the pattern if it does not advance.

An important story and a story without love.

It looks different, and one set is doed.

There are times when you'll notice that you've been taught,

When you're talking about loveless

I often notice it myself.

The best sound is not to tighten the strings too much and not to loosen them too much.

Because it is tightened enough to cut,

By talking about loveless to relax a little,

Maybe you'll find a solution you don't think you'll find.

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I can't move forward with an important story.