There is something that I feel uneasy about.

There is something that I feel uneasy about.

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It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(What if you ask me to go out to the continent of passion?

Well, there is something that I feel uneasy about.

I think there are times like that, don't you think?

Some of them are trivial.

Some of them are as big as,

Where you feel uneasy is different for each person,

Of course, I also have it.

Anxiety is made by oneself.

What we can say in common is that

things that haven't happened yet

I'm paranoid about this and that,

I make it by myself and raise it by myself.

If you go that way, you won't have a hard time!

With regard to the anxiety factor as people who think so,

It's going to be the way you really think it is! And I'm not going to be

It is very well-dressed to amplify anxiety.

Anxiety comes out to everyone.

Do you bring it up so that you can amplify your anxiety more?

From an objectivity perspective,

Anxiety is made by your imagination, right? Think of it as

Do you want to change it to a little peace of mind?

Which do you choose?

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There is something that I feel uneasy about.