What mode is necessary for people who can't stop working hard?

What mode is necessary for people who can't stop working hard?

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Well, I think there are some people who can't stop trying, don't they?

I think I should take a rest now, but I'll do my best.

I want to take a rest, but I do my best.

I don't know how to take a rest, so I can only do my best.

Each person has his or her own type,

There's a situation and an environment,

I think there are times when you have to work hard.

Still, I want you to try it when you feel that it is a good limit in yourself.

"Illness Mode"

To say I'm going to do my best is

It's not just when you're working towards something,

Even though I feel I'm not doing anything,

You're doing the minimum tasks,

I think that it is the same when thinking about this and that so that the brain boils.

I just look at the results and think that I'm not doing my best.

When you have a fever that exceeds 40 degrees from the flu,

It was really minimal.

It's not limited to the past story and influenza,

I think I've had the experience of because I'm really sick and I'm too sleepy.

At that time,

And things that I think I have to do,

And what you want to do,

If you don't do it, someone will be in trouble,

And to think about this and that,

What to do and what to do,

And things that have become a habit,

Including matters that I think are important, such as eating or taking a bath,

I don't think I'll do it all.

That is

That's far from it.

It's all right, I don't know.

I think that I concentrate only on my physical condition by "I'm sorry burn" and so on.

Have you noticed anything since then?

What I thought was absolutely important was not unexpectedly so,

Even if I didn't do what I thought I had to do, I was able to manage it.

What I thought I was going to be in absolute trouble was able to discover the possibility on the contrary.

When you get sick, it really becomes necessary and unnecessary.

And I notice that only I was holding it without permission,

Even if you don't work so hard, you'll notice that it works out in its own way.

Many people review their way of life because of illness.

I think it's necessary, because unnecessary looks clear.

If you overdo it, you'll get sick.

I don't know if it's time to look there.

At the worst timing that you can not control yourself,

than to be forced to get sick

At the timing you think,

I think it's also a good way to make time for a full power off in sick mode.

The usual breather is restarted.

Illness mode is powered off.

You might feel the same way,

It often happens only when the power is turned off.

The ultimate doesn't matter.

There might be a part that is close to following the flow completely.

So much so that you don't do anything thoroughly,

You can see how much I was focusing on useless things.

Habits and obligations,

Learning and distractions

It is also possible to deal with force,

You can also worry about time and weather.

You can get information that doesn't matter.

Guruguru thinking that sees only the past and the future,

I stopped it and ate it for a while.

Because it makes the time when it does not work seriously,

Even if you don't have that much power,

I notice that it works.

The more people who can't stop trying,

What! Is this all right? I don't know if I'm in front of you.

PS: The only thing I was a little updated was because I was in "sick mode". (^o^)

I'm sorry for the person who came to see me.

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What mode is necessary for people who can't stop working hard?