Why don't you do it when you can't part with it?

Why don't you do it when you can't part with it?

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It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(If I do it, it will look like a farmer's uncle.)

Well, I think you're often told to let go, don't you?

Sometimes you can let it go,

I think there are some things that don't go that way,

Some types are easy to let go,

I think that there is a type that takes time to let go.

My strawberry has withered.

I planted broccoli and strawberries in the planter.

The strawberries have withered, have they?

I should just throw it away (in a way, let it go)

Why don't you do it this way? And such

What's the cause? And while I'm trying this and that,

This is a drifting stone, isn't it? It withered in the same way.

I'm only worried about the bad ones.

Strawberries may have died, but

The broccoli next door grows so much that it feels really good.

It is not conscious there, and only the strawberry is worried.

It's really a waste of time,

If you look at the good one, your feelings are completely different.

I also think that people are able to do it so that the bad one is worried.

That's why it's better to let go quickly.

I don't know.

The type of person who can't part with it,

The more I can't part with it,

I think it's a good idea to collect what you've got from it.

I did a lot of research when strawberries started to die.

I don't know if I'm going to water you too much.

I checked if I planted it deeply,

I noticed that there are people who have failed in the same way,

I got the experience of growing strawberries and failing with it,

I can imagine myself harvesting delicious strawberries in spring.

I remember going strawberry picking a long time ago.

They get unexpected things properly

I don't know if it's withered, but

If you collect what you got instead,

It becomes to think that it might have withered in order to obtain it.

It was not good.

What I've lost.

I can't give up.

If you come to be able to see what you got from such a thing,

It might be easy to part with it.

Why don't you collect it when you can't part with it?

I'm going to collect what I got.

When you notice that you've already worked on it,

I think I can let it go with a word of thanks.

If you let it go, you'll forget it.

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Why don't you do it when you can't part with it?