When you're not doing well, are you doing it?

When you're not doing well, are you doing it?

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Well, I think there are times when you feel upset, don't you?

From physical or mental upset,

I think that there are various even the trouble which does not come well somehow.

Are you breathing at that time?

Of course, I'm breathing because I'm alive,

It's not just your chest, it's shallow breathing, is it?

Before I know it, I was living with only shallow breathing.

When I started doing yoga, I was taught about breathing and I was conscious of it.

Didn't you even realize that you were always breathing shallowly?

Doing more hard work than I thought to do belly breathing in the stomach,

For the first time, I noticed that I was breathing shallowly.

I'm doing desk work all the time,

If you're still in a state of tension,

I don't exercise.

There are a lot of things that tend to be shallow breathing,

There are a lot of people who live only by shallow breathing in the same way.

Then, an unexpected trouble comes out.

In a high mountain with little oxygen,

It is a super person's skill that it is in excellent condition with the neck tightened.

Even if you think about this and that,

Whether you're working on something,

To make it work physically normal,

Fresh oxygen is needed.

There are few things necessary to say that you are breathing shallowly.

I'm worried that I'm not doing my best in a small state before I know it.

Fresh air and

Fresh air,

To take in fresh energy and so on,

I think the quickest one is deep breathing.

Something's wrong with you, isn't it? The sign of.

Just take a leisurely breath.

There are substances to relax,

The body and the mind react obediently and put out the sign.

I don't try my best to breathe like hyperventiling.

I spit out everything I don't need.

Naturally new things fill the body.

Even if it is a reward, it adapts to the breath.

It's important to take care of your breath in everything.

That's what's most affecting me.

It's the easiest thing to get back to normal, so I don't know.

There is no need to force yourself to challenge the skills of super people.

More spacious and sufficient.

You may notice that there are an infinite number of things you need.

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When you're not doing well, are you doing it?