The game doesn't end in escape.

The game doesn't end in escape.

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Now, the game is very good?

And this much smartphone has also developed,

It's all over the place,

I do it myself.

Unless it's for learning something

Because I think that there is a part such as escape somewhere,

Modern people also think that they want to escape from reality.

Even if it doesn't go to escape from reality,

I think there are also change of pace and stress release,

I don't think it's a bad thing.

When it's over there, I feel like it's a waste.

You can see the seeds of your excitement in the game you play.

Than the person who puts a lot of energy when playing a game,

I think there are a lot of people who start somehow, don't you think?

It starts with a natural interest.

Even if the character and the setting are different,

There is a pattern somehow,

I do things that are similar to what I choose.

What you're going to grow,

What to fight,

What we're collecting,

What has a story,

Something that connects with someone,

Such a thing is a composite one.

There are a lot of things,

Even in the same game, the parts that are exciting, such as likes and interesting, vary from person to person.

If you look calmly at which part you are reacting to,

I know what I really want.

Even in the world of the game that should have run away,

If you notice a little thing and can act,

You'll be able to enjoy spectacular games in the real world.

The seeds of excitement may really fall all over the place, don't you think?

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The game doesn't end in escape.