Recall! What did you get recently?

Recall! What did you get recently?

Thank you for always reading.

That's it!

It is masapi21 (Masapi 21). (^_^)/

(I don't want to put a chan on the rice cracker.) Figures of)

Well, I think there are times when you get something, don't you?

The other day my hair dryer broke and I went to buy it suddenly.

I got Nagisa-chan (Kansai style) when I registered as a member.

It's not a big thing in itself, and I think everyone has that much experience.

That's why it's so likely to be missed.

I've been out of shape for the past few days.

It's not a cold, is it? I thought it was a burn,

I finally had a sore throat and a slight fever yesterday.

When I happened to see Nagisa-chan,

Oh, I was thinking that I was connected here.

When I say a gift, I'm a little likely to think about things,

It is a contact from an unexpected place,

It's something that's been left of me,

It's like meeting someone,

Even if it seems like a bad event at first looks,

There is the one that it is noticed that it was a big gift when thinking later.

If you catch a cold and go down,

There are more things you can't do,

I feel I've lost it.

But the moment I lose it, I get something else.

Calm thinking that it was a little too much,

Someone's kind words,

It's a relaxing time that I can't usually take,

The feelings I've felt in the past,

It's a new experience.

I do a good gift in such a feeling.

When it is thought that nagisa-chan was prepared,

The feeling of being protected increases.

It's just that Nagisa-chan was there. It's good to end it, but

I thought you had prepared it ahead of time,

It feels better to think thank you,

When I'm in that kind of thinking circuit from day to day,

Even if it seems a little bad,

For the good things ahead as well as Nagisa-chan,

It is thought that it is likely to prepare it ahead of time.

When you're in a whirlpool,

I can only see that.

Why is this? You might think,

What was the worst thing in the past,

I think that there are things that are useful in a good feeling to me now.

At the moment, there is a gap between my thoughts,

There may be times when I lament that things don't go the way I want them to,

Even if it is said that everything that happens has meaning,

You may feel that it is far from it.

But that's what we're seeing now in the short term.

In the long looks, everything is unexpected.

When you come to be able to see what you got at the moment you lose,

I think it's going to be full of gratitude!

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Recall! What did you get recently?