Is it not enough when it is difficult to proceed?

Is it not enough when it is difficult to proceed?

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(My folding is such a size.)

Well, I think there are times when it's hard to move on, right?

It's going on, but it's kind of not good,

It's supposed to be the same as usual, but it feels like it's hard to move on,

It's hard to move on, so when you're not motivated or tired.

I think there's a reason for this and that,

It's one way to stop overdoing it,

Sometimes you just don't have enough lubricant.

It might be easy to understand if you think about it by bicycle,

When I usually ride, it gradually becomes heavy,

Sometimes oiling makes it surprisingly light.

I'm trying to do my best in the same way.

Because it's something we're going through every day,

It's hard to notice the change.

I think there are a lot of lubricants for me,

You're thinking so much with your head,

I'm just doing it myself.

It's not a big thing from a person's point of view, but it's hard for me.

There is a lubricant which is good at the time of such hard-to-see hard work.


There are many cases where there is basically no evaluation of hard work that is hard to see.

I think it's because I try to judge by the result,

There's no change in what I'm trying to do,

From things that are hard to be evaluated from around,

They get out of oil before they know it.

Then, the person asks.

What is difficult to be evaluated is

First of all, I think that it is important to evaluate it by oneself.

I know I did my best.

I will evaluate even the small things in the form of praise for myself.

If you really want a reputation from someone else,

First of all, I evaluate who I am.

If you use these things as lubricants well,

I'm in a good mood because I'm asking,

I'm going to take it easy.

I don't think it's enough to worry about other people's evaluations.

I think it's better to have lubricating oil once in a while.

I feel like it's hard to move on.

You don't know the same thing as riding a bicycle that doesn't have enough lubricant?

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Is it not enough when it is difficult to proceed?