That's stressful.

That's stressful.

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That's it!

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(The figure of the haz which I did completely and did it)

Well, I think there are many times when you feel stress, don't you?

If it doesn't work out the way you want it to,

You want to get away from somewhere?

It's like I'm aiming for something.

I think that it is different from time to time, and the part felt by the person is different.

However, it is common to feel stress.

It's going to change.

People feel stress when they change.

In the old days, when you did something different, it was life-related.

If you take a different path than because you feel good,

He was attacked with beasts.

When I ate it because it looked delicious, it was very poisonous.

Do you think I'll give it a try? It was a very dangerous thing to try.

Because there was such a thing, tension such as stress occurs when it changes instinctively.

Even if it's a good thing,

I feel stressed in the same state of tension.

My salary has increased.

I'm going to get married.

I'm moving.

There is a stress reaction in the same way when it seems to be such a happy.

Because it is a thing that changes after all.

If it doesn't work out the way you want it to,

You want to get away from somewhere?

It's like I'm aiming for something.

Whatever the stress you're under right now,

More than you feel it,

To the comfortable one you want,

The evidence that you are doing your best to change and actually change.

Even if the way of muscle training is wrong,

As much as I've worked hard and moved, some muscles will follow.

It's all useful to me.

In the long way, the root of that stress is

For me now and for my future,

I think it's the most necessary and appropriate timing.

No matter how you fall, it's a plus to yourself.

I think that it is good even if there is a time when it is ready and forgets occasionally.

As you have cleared that it was the biggest stress in the past,

The species of the greatest stress now will be cleared before long.

Change is changing to stability.

I think that there are a lot of things that can be seen only now and what I felt turn into my weapon.

PS: I think that the stress you feel with your head may be relieved by your body.

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That's stressful.