Masapi21 ello kyoto pic

Masapi21 ello kyoto pic

(Video available) Movie Chihayafuru Location Karuta Sanctuary Omi Jingu and Omi Kangakukan

Omi Jingu and Omi Kangakukan Movie Chihayafuru Location Karuta Sanctuary

The filming location of Chihayafuru, which has been made into a movie starring Suzu Hirose
, I went to Omi Jingu and Omi Kangakukan now that it’s cold.

Please use the timetable as it is long.


Kyoto Station 0:13 Otsukyo
Station 1:00
Omi Jingu Precincts 5:30
Gate 7:09
Omi Kangakukan 15:23
Lake Biwa Move 26:58
Kyoto Guest House 29:14
Ninja Train 31:05
Osaka 31:25

Filming location of Chihayafuru
Emplacement de Chihayafuru


Chihayafuru Video DVD


Before watching the Chihayafuru notice “Knot”! “Chihayafuru -Upper / Lower-” Digest Video

Before watching the “knot”! “Chihayafuru -Upper / Lower-” Digest Video


The trailer for the movie “Chihayafuru Knot” starring Suzu Hirose has been released. The theme song is Perfume and re-tag.

The trailer for the movie “Chihayafuru Knot” starring Suzu Hirose has been released. The theme song is Perfume and re-tag.


Movie “Chihayafuru -Knot-” theme song “Mugenmirai” (Perfume) PV

Movie “Chihayafuru -Knot-” theme song “Mugenmirai” (Perfume) PV




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Are you using bad power?

Are you using bad power?

Do you think there are times when you feel sorry for something bad?





Masapi 21

(I’m happy to cook rice in a ponkotsu pot recently)





By the way, do you think there are times when you feel sorry for something bad?

I feel embarrassed enough to catch fire from my face

I’m about to give up as if it’s impossible for me

If you don’t like it anymore, you may want to run away

When you realize that you are not good at it

I don’t think I feel very good.









“The bad shit is the strongest!”









People are more serious than when they are bad

People are more obedient when they are not good at it

People are growing as bad as they are

That’s bad shit power









The damage is great because it is serious

You may feel embarrassed

You may be stunned by your ability

Some people may make a fool of you

Put yourself in such a vague fear

There are many people who hesitate to even start










Even if it looks awkward

Because I confronted without running away

The reality of bad shit is born

There is you who is working hard










Those who look down are those who cannot even get out of the safe zone

Those who support are those who have experienced bad shit and overcame it









Not everyone can use bad shit power


The awkward and hard-working figure is the coolest


That feeling that I will forget soon


I think it’s okay to taste it in a straightforward manner ~




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