(Low self-affirmation) Just ask me to do it

I think there are times when I feel sorry for the inconvenience. (Figure of Peek-a-boo) By the way, I think ther...

It doesn’t come true

I think there are times when your goals and wishes don't come true and you go back and forth. (Figure of yoga) By th...

Somehow people leave

Well, I think there are times when the sense of distance changes and you feel lonely. (I enjoyed playing horses) ...

I feel unsatisfactory

I think there are times when I feel like I'm not satisfied. (Eh! There are only 200 million! Figure) Well, I t...



Kyoto Autumn Leaves Ohara 20201104

The autumn leaves are still blue in Kansai on November 4th. I wanted to go to Ohara by chance, and I just opened consecutive holidays, and I went to see if it was a good feeling in front of the autumn leaves. How many years ago did you go there before?